“The magical power of this course is real and tangible.”

What is LightSchool?

LightSchool for the Sacred Arts is a year long program for women dedicated to the exploration of magic, personal transformation, creativity and spiritual studies. It is a modern day mystery school that reclaims and puts into practice the sacred feminine through all stages of life, exploring the initatic process through both looking deeply into tradition, and also receiving what is relevant now.

Through weekly tele-classes, monthly private sessions and 3 powerful retreats in different beautiful locations throughout the year, our women learn to harness their magical and creative power for highly impactful bodies of work. They have created books, music, poetry, painting, businesses and more. Students are also required to produce a Book of Magic, a personal illuminated manuscript.

In LightSchool, we take back our feminine essence and rightful role in the world as allies for humanity, healers of the heart, and lovers of life. We weave our experiences through community and bask in the energies that arise when living life from the sacred, feminine core.

Our women have all remarked that through the program at Lightschool they have developed crucial self esteem, stepped into their soul path, felt understood, held and supported in the sisterhood, and no longer feel scared to shine in their gifts. Our graduates then go on to create the work and relationships in the world they were born to have.

In the arms and hearts of women, anything is possible.

Join a powerful community of lightworkers

Tap into your creative genius

Be seen in your essence, again and again

CC Treadway, Creator of Lightschool


When I was a teenager I had a dream of creating a school that integrated spiritual studies and the arts. I’ve been obsessed with these two subjects for as long as I can remember. After 20 years of working in the arts while also working as a healer,  LightSchool for the Sacred Arts was born.

I believe that the sacred artist has a profound relevance on this planet, and that the feminine energies rising are ushering that back into our life today.

As we know, the Earth and humanity is going through major changes, and major tumult. It is the place of the Sacred Artist to dream into life the new world, and create it in harmony with each other. Through the reclaiming of feminine power, self esteem, love and creativity, our world is healed.

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