“The magical power of this course is real and tangible.”

What is LightSchool?

LightSchool for the Sacred Arts is a year long program dedicated to the exploration of magic, creativity and spiritual studies. Through weekly tele-classes, monthly private healings and 3 initiatic retreats in different locations throughout the year, students learn to harness their magical and creative power for highly impactful bodies of work including writing books, music, poetry and more. Students are also required to produce a Book of Magic, a highly refined series of personal prayers and spells with which to create healing in the world.

Join a powerful community of lightworkers

Tap into your creative genius

Be seen in your essence, again and again

What is the purpose of LightSchool?

The purpose of the LightSchool for the Sacred Arts is to restore and support the Creative Path as Divine Union, and as a valuable, vital and dynamic force for harmony on the planet. Woven together with the ancient mysteries, earth magic and energetic sciences, this program gives the seeker a rich, luscious palette on which to grow, learn and create.


Today’s world has shut down the magic, shut down the softness, shut down the natural self, shut down the vulnerable self. But you came here to live a meaningful life, one that is filled with creativity, nature, community, love and purpose. Your body and soul remembers the sacred, remembers the creative life force that made you. Many people call you sensitive, but you know that this just means you need a softer space to thrive, because you are open to the subtle realms, and you are open to the magic.While the times we live in our chaotic and confusing, there are passageways of light through them.

We need each other to walk through this process.

Because of the layers covering your essence, there may be unseen blocks holding you back from your spiritual and creative potential.

The container at LightSchool will hold you as you reveal your true nature, and your true calling. You are invited to walk a sacred artistic life of your choosing, the one that calls you from deep within your soul, the one that sings to you in your sleep.

Are you resonating with the energy and curriculum?

If so, contact us with this form to set up an interview with CC Treadway to learn more about the program

Classes begin October 3rd, and we anticipate it to fill up fast. 

We look forward to meeting you!