About the Program

“I couldn’t wait for the next class, because I was so in love with the process, a magical process, that unfolded as it went.”

The Hathors

The coursework is broken up into three semesters with retreats in three different locations. The course is infused with the energy and teachings of The Hathors, best known for their temple in Egypt and their connection to the planet Venus. They are the masters of the arts, sound and healing. 

The Hathors are gentle, yet powerful beings of creational mastery.  In ancient Egypt, the priestesses of the Hathor Sect would go into their temples, enter a trance state and connect with the Goddess Hathor. We spend a lot of time doing just this, and through this process, codes of creation are downloaded to us, sacred geometrical forms integrated and in general, loving inspiration for us to truly walk our paths as priestesses in today’s world.

The Hathors are not in the struggle of harmonizing the masculine and feminine like we currently are, they are truly beyond that in their divine androgyny. This effortlessness is incredibly soothing, and when we connect in, we are bathed in these healing frequencies. It’s wonderful and illuminating.

First Semester



Unlock your creativity

Enter into the magical cauldron

Wash away your trauma in the spring waters


The primordial Florida springs are the perfect place to cleanse your soul waters and open to feminine bliss.   We will be in the warmth of the sun, but the winter season beckons us to go within and live in the dream. Here the unconscious influences preventing you from true access to your soul path begin to shed so that the true nature of your being can be nourished and welcomed. In a community of powerful women, we unlock the ancient codes of sisterhood to begin our creative journey.


Details for First Semester

After a few opening classes and private sessions to attune you to the energies of the Hathors, we kick off LightSchool at the beautiful springs of central Florida. The first retreat is a powerful container in which to awaken the soul, unlock your creative spirit and bond with your class. We then continue with teleclasses for the remainder of the semester.

The first semester deals primarily with:

  • Accessing your unconscious programming and power through esoteric practices and dreamwork
  • Clearing your primary wound(s) with to allow for unhindered self expression
  • Psychic Development
  • Experiential understanding of the 7 astral planes
  • Mastering the 5 elements as a magical and creative process
  • The art and science of your Altar
  • Opening up your creativity and consistent joy
  • Allowing your full multidimensional self to incarnate into your life task (dharma)

So much more is discovered and unlocked through the channeling and personal process that takes place as your Higher Self and guide team takes you deep into your own inner mystery school.

See classes in curriculum below for more information.

Second Semester



Birth your creative fire in the expansive Rockies

Deepen into the sisterhood

Immerse yourself in the creative process

Connect with your unfiltered love for Mother Earth


On top of  a powerful series of healing activations and classes, we deepen in our creative exploration and initiations together. Here you will be challenged to open up to your soul voice and creative vision. As a team we explore elemental magic, our point of origin, archetypes and life paths. Here the vision for your life unfolds as your creativity and confidence explode!


Details for Second Semester

After the intense unlocking of the unconscious, the spiritual attunements and creative unfolding that began in the first semester, we find ourselves in the void, in the womb of creation. The summertime energies are joyful, and they are coupled with the mountain air and expansive quality of the west.

These two months in the second semester deal primarily with:

  • Entering into deep states of spiritual connection in the void
  • Rebirthing from your pure divine state into the highest expression of earth
  • Healing existential terrors that keep you from fully being yourself
  • Resolving deep inner splits that prevent you from feeling free on earth
  • Allowing your pure, soul dream to unfold
  • Beginning the Book of Magic process
  • Feeling the unconscious and conscious come together for joyful living

See classes in curriculum below for more information.

Third Semester



Enter the galactic community

Heal on the majestic red rocks

Learn from elders and wisdom keepers

Graduate into your liberated self


It is impossible to describe the activating experience that is Sedona. On this final initiation you are birthed into your ‘future self’. Through working with master teachers and elders from the area,  powerful rituals and performances, the red rocks of Sedona will rock you to your full potential. They mysteries of life reveal themselves to you as you are ready to take your passion, creations and purpose into the world in a whole new way.

Details for Third Semester


After rebirthing yourself in the second semester, you are ready to dive deeply into spellcasting and perfecting your Book of Magic. Your dreams, intentions, and creations begin to come alive as you notice that your power to manifest is a real thing. Your creative blocks have unwound and your long held dreams are almost creating themselves. You are ready to live your life as you have always imagined.

The third semester deals primarily with:

  • Completing your Book of Magic
  • Ancestral Healing and Healing
  • Graduation in Sedona
  • Linking up with your Star Relatives
  • Surrendering into your passions and purpose and taking action
  • Mastering the creative process as a manifestation tool


See classes in curriculum below for more information.

The Curriculum


Some of these classes will last all year, others are for one semester only.

There may also be a few Saturday afternoon classes.

Master Class ~ Esoteric Skills for the Multidimensional Human

This is our main class, where we dive deep into your energetic anatomy, focusing on the cosmic nature of your body and how it directly connects to spirit. You will learn how to connect in to your Higher Self, Monad and Soul. You will learn of your ability to heal yourself with light and connect with your guides. Here, your inner, unique mystery school is catalyzed, the deep, creative nature of your soul revealing itself so that your path is illuminated.

Topics covered in the master class: Elemental Magic and Mastery, Teachings from the Hathors, Navigating the Dimensions, Healing Skills, Channeling, Altar Work, Druid Studies, Sacred Space, Group Process and Bonding

Creation Lab ~ Unlock the Creative Flow

Creation Lab works directly with your creative and visionary service desires, opening up the creative field through exercises and homework. You learn to trust your intuition, work through blocks and trust your natural creative state. You will work with channeling, writing, painting/drawing, music, dance and any other medium that wants to be expressed. Students will share work with each other, creating a supportive yet challenging environment of feedback and accountability.

Creation Activation ~ New Moon Telechannelings

These channelings are the heart of the work for the program. Every new moon we gather as a class with the larger Treadway Esoteric community to channel in the energies and teachings of the month. These meditations and teachings are the living, breathing, evolving mystery school. These energies come forth to activate your creative gifts, to enrich your soul and to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and growth. Each month you set your intentions, aligning with the natural forces to support and anchor your path. These channelings guide your process and give a framework for deeper intuitive and creative development. Every other teaching and practice builds from these, because the guides are creating an ark for your development that only they really know.

Dream Magic  ~ Mastering the Unconscious

The unconscious is a powerful place. In this class you begin to gain control of it through conscious dreamwork, and sharing of dreams. In ancient cultures waking up and sharing dreams with the tribe was an essential part of life. The astral was understood as a relevant force for the physical life and vice versa. If you write your dreams down each morning you will find themes, symbols and patterns that help you unravel your unconscious desires in your ‘waking’ world. It also begins to align your astral body with your physical one, which brings more energy, power and consciousness to your daily life. Sharing dreams in the community enlivens the ‘group dream’ and allows for further focusing and support for your waking dreams. Mastery over the astral body and creative projects can and will emerge from this practice.

Book of Magic

This class takes dreaming to the next level by bringing the life, art and messages of the dreamtime into a tangible, usable, magical form. Students will learn how to translate powerful dreams into poems, prayers and art to create their own personal Book of Magic. For each class, students will recite their prayers and spells, learning how to invoke the proper energy for the results they desire. Their Book of Magic will be a hand written, hand drawn, bound book that cannot be replicated. The Magic contained in your book will work in tandem with your altar and creative projects.

Ancestral Healing & Wisdom

As we dive deeper into the subject of Creation and Healing, we begin to look at ancestral lines and how they weave into your incarnation today. These ancestral lines that come forth also connect deeply with the ley lines of the planet. In essence, humanity and planet earth are working together as a creative project at all times, and you have the power to create and recreate the past in the present, healing the family line, claiming your galactic incarnation, and therefore helping to lift the human family into its heart. This work allows for the circle of life to be lived through you, providing a powerful sense of belonging, community and purpose.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are an important part of the work. The sessions are comprised of energy healing, personal process work, coaching, channeling and creative development. All faculty members of LightSchool are seasoned, professional healers trained by CC.

Contact us with this form to set up an interview with CC Treadway to learn more about the program

Classes begin january 23rd, and we anticipate it to fill up fast. 

We look forward to meeting you.